Star Parfume

Oriflame has introduced new men's eau de toilette Excite Force - fragrance inspired by the power of the elements.

Oriflame has invited Alyona Doletskaya, editor in chief for The Interview magazine, to present a fragrance. In addition to her the evening was attended by global marketing director for the fragrances category Oriflame Christine Decourt and communications director Sergei Antonov. The main surprise for the guests was the appearance of the singer Dima Bilan. Oriflame has long relations with Dima. Among the most successful joint projects - the first version of the fragrance Excite, which is remaining a bestseller since 2009. 

You are a creative person, and a new flavor – is a new way of self-expression. How do you feel about your new image in Excite Force?
"My work with Oriflame is an important and symbolic coincidence. Previously, it was a bright, free, easy, and no non-binding fragrance that fit my mood. Time takes its toll and over the 6 years for me, a lot has changed - both in life and in the profession. It all sounds and plays in a new fragrance Excite Force. For me it is a fundamental composition with bright notes that I basically like in the fragrances and cosmetics. Excite Force represents my current mood and attitude."

The theme of the new fragrance was developed by
Christine Decourt. She told the guests about the features
Excite Force: "One of the best trends in perfumery is
contrast. In the new Excite Force you will not only feel
the difference in the top and base notes, but also in the
whole flavor every time you will feel the contrast
between fruit freshness and enveloping warmth. In my
opinion, this is what distinguishes Excite Force other
men's fragrances, making it unbanal and reflects the
character of Dima - a courageous and mature." 

You said many times that the universal image of the ideal man and woman do not exist – everyone has his own. Your ideal woman – who is she? 
I always noticed that it is interesting to be with a woman who is enthusiastic about something important. I myself totally immersed in the work, so I would like to see next to me the same passionate, experienced woman who can inspire. It is unpredictable in a relationship, but predictable in the main, fundamental things.

Alena Doletskaya also shared with the guests her
opinion about the new parfume: "The aroma is one of
the important details to which I pay attention when
meeting a new person. As for the toilet water Excite
Force, then I do not think it sounds
categorically male,
I would rather call it a unisex fragrance. Before the
presentation, me and Dima we both used this
perfume, and I noticed that on each of us it has
opened in it's own way. And I feel that it suits me too,
it is in harmony with me."

What new and interesting projects are you planning? 
In the autumn there will be film "Music of the ice," in which I played my first role, and it's really exciting event. Of course, the new album is planned and a lot of new projects. Let them become a pleasant surprise. One thing for sure: I will not do not interesting projects this year. 

What would you wish our readers who are eagerly await for the release of a new fragrance, Excite Force. 
The most important thing - be happy and follow your dreams. I wish that in the life of each one of you things were the way you want them to be. 

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame