Working as a Couple

Meet Japhet and Mwanaidi from Tanzania. They’re currently the top-performing and most inspiring Oriflame couple in the East African region. We caught up with them to see how they manage to both run a successful business and stay happily married. This is their story!

What is it like to running a business together?
Building this business together has been one of the best things about our time with Oriflame. It’s also the best thing for us and for our team. Building our business as a couple has enabled us to support our team more efficiently and grow much faster. Given that we’re both big dreamers, working as a couple has made it easier to understand each other’s dreams and make them come true.

What inspired you to start the business and what keeps you going?
We love freedom more than anything. We always want to be free, do what we love, travel, and have more time to ourselves and our family. We are blessed with a 3-year-old son Rick. We travel every year for free with Oriflame, we have built our home and our dreams still continue to come true. The exciting and more inspiring part is that we fulfil our dreams by helping others fulfil theirs. This makes us proud every day.

Are there any secret tools to your success?
The secret of our success is SARPIO. This is a proven formula for sustainable growth in Oriflame. The first time we learnt about SARPIO, we saw ourselves growing and achieving new titles. But above all, it comes down to persistence and determination.

How do you plan your daily activities?
We are in control of our daily activities. That means: we run our day and our day doesn’t run us. We have a plan of activities for our business at the beginning of each month and we have a specific focus for each week.

What is the favourite thing about your work?
What we love most about Oriflame is the ability to touch other people’s lives. We believe that life is not just about us and our dreams, but also about helping others achieve theirs. We are very happy each time we see our leaders walking on stage to be recognised.

Additionally, personal and professional development makes us fall in love with Oriflame every day. We are completely different people now, compared to when we started.

Which was the best and most inspiring trip with Oriflame?
Visiting Sweden, the home of our company, and Denmark for the first time was exciting. Copenhagen was quite an eye opener for us. As we said earlier, we love to travel with Oriflame because it’s an opportunity to meet leaders from other markets and learn a lot from them.

How do you inspire your network to realise their dreams?
We hold trainings for our teams. There we talk about new activities for the month, give awards to those who have grown and show the bigger picture through our own story and other success stories in the business.

What was your dream when you started out and has it changed along the way?
Oriflame has changed our lives in so many ways. Given our background we had no hope of fulfilling our dreams. We had actually forgotten our dreams and were just fighting for survival. Oriflame has helped us dream big again. It made us believe that our dreams are still valid. It has been our dream to see our son growing up and going to a nice school. Rick is now 3 and he has just started school in one of the best schools in Arusha.

Our next big goal is to buy a plot in Dar es Salaam and start building our next house by 2018.