4 Popular Party Looks

It's party season! Here are four looks you just have to try.

Glitter lips have been building as a makeup trend for a while now, and its officially the season to wear it! The striking new look started popping up at Fashion shows a year ago, and we're seeing more and more celebrities and Instagram stars wearing sparkles. Create your own statement look with the The One Express Sparkle Lip Glaze.

Metallics are back in a big way - from soft shimmer shadows to major impact glitters. But wearing statement metallics isn’t for everyone, which is why we’re obsessed with the creamy eye shadow crayons from The ONE Express. All you have to do is colour your lids and run out the door. The soft sheen is an easy-to-wear party look and will last you all night long!

Don’t forget about your festive manicure! Bejewelled and sparkly, glitter gives your nails texture and makes them shine bright in the night. We are currently fascinated by confetti-like glitter on top of a beige, pink or brown base. Another party favourite is the reversed French manicure or “glitter tips”. Dazzling indeed!

Is glitter and metallics not your thing? Then colour might be the look for you. If there has ever been a time to experiment with eye make-up hues, it's now! Why not express yourself and stand out at the party by creating a colourful rainbow-ish style on your eyelids? We love the eye shadow palettes from The ONE Express. They let you mix and match a huge range of colours!

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images