Get the Festive Make-up Look

It’s that time of the year again! Get ready to add festive spin to your winter party look. Cosmic trends of glimmer and shine bring holiday glamour to your door. Guiding light lashes and supersonic eyes put you in the spotlight this holiday season. Are you ready to be the brightest star at any party?

A Little Sparkle is the Holiday Way
You know a holiday ambience when you see it – shimmering textures sprinkled all around with strings of glimmering lights. Why shouldn’t your make-up reflect the same mood? Metallic shimmering eyeshadows add instant “party” to any look. And luminising mascara brightens your eyes to add that final festive touch. So how do you get this holiday look? Let’s get started.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little sparkle now, would it? Apply your regular moisturizer, primer, foundation and concealer. I always do my eyes first. Take a gold eyeshadow The ONE Eye Shadow Stick and apply to the eyelid crease area. Blend it out using a clean eyeshadow brush, or if you’re like me, use a clean finger, and ensure both eyes are symmetrical before moving on to the next step. Then, if you want to tone down the gold add a little bit of bronze to create a more dynamic festive-inspired look. Blend it out with your brush or finger until the transition from gold to bronze is gradual and seamless. Add a little more gold to the inner corners of your eyes to get that extra wow-factor. Now we’re talking!

Light up Your Lashes
Swap your regular mascara for Wonder Lash XXL Black Star and add luminescence to your lashes. This intense mascara is a fresh festive alternative to any classic black lash. It’s my go-to mascara this holiday season – for both day and night events. As an option, you can add a black liquid eyeliner The ONE Express Eyeliner and finish with a little flick for added definition and party pizzazz. Get ready to break the beauty barrier with this holiday inspired application.

Away We Gloss
I always love to add the final touches to my look – my nails. This season Nail Gloss N’Wear has quick drying shimmering hues to match any one of your outfits. If you prefer a flat festive shade, they have two new ones just for you. Instant glimmer fires up your holiday attire to complete your festive look.

Cosmic Glow
It’s your time to light up the room, so don’t settle for anything less than spectacular! And honestly, any Oriflame look is the perfect holiday look, but these were my favs!