How to get luscious lips

On any given day or night you want to make sure to have luscious, glossy lips. Let us show you how to achieve those lips using a few tricks of the trade.


Using a lip liner is key to defining the perfect pout. Using a lip pencil, start by outlining the base of the lip. Next, concentrate on the top lip and then the edges.


Afterwards, work on the round cupid bow of the top lip, and then use a brush to fan out the edges, and gently blend them into the outer corners on each side of the lip.




Once the lip liner’s all set, you’re ready to apply some colour. Use a very sheer lipstick but build up the colour. Start with the bottom lip, then continue to the outer corner and finally transfer to the top lip, into the cupid bow.



Now that you’ve applied lipstick, put a really juicy coat of lip-gloss on top to really make your lips pop. Make sure you apply the gloss just before you go out - you want it to be nice and fresh.


Now you’re ready to hit the town with perfect, luscious lips.

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