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Love Potion

Sensual Ruby Eau de Parfum

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38 BP

A sensual Floral Gourmand perfume with hints of luscious fruitiness and caressing florals entwined with a rich, intoxicating Ruby Chocolate Accord.
TOP: Red Berries, Peony, Orange
HEART: Ruby Chocolate Accord, White Flower Bouquet, Rose
BASE: Cedarwood, Caramelized Nuts, Musk


Take yourself on a journey of sensual exploration with a spritz of Love Potion Sensual Ruby; a floral gourmand fragrance with hints fruitiness from Red Berries, a voluminous floral character from the White Flower Bouquet intertwined with the intoxicating Ruby Chocolate signature. At last, it leaves a light trail of powdery Cedarwood that lingers on the skin.

Apply the fragrance to your body’s pulse points, neck or wrist.

Delicate floral notes of Peony intertwine with fresh Orange and Red Berries to open the fragrance with the promise of an enticing fragrance experience. The Ruby Chocolate accord reveals a rich, seductive ruby cocoa scent with milky undertones, enriched by the notes of a White Flower Bouquet and sensuous Rose. The fragrance lingers on the skin with powdery Cedarwood faceted with notes of Caramelised Nuts and soft Musk.

Fragrance Family
Floral Gourmand

Key Notes
Top: Red Berries, Peony, Orange
Heart: Ruby Chocolate Accord, White Flower Bouquet, Rose
Base: Cedarwood, Caramelized Nuts, Musk

Hero Note

Ruby Chocolate Accord is a seductive indulgence with its intoxicating facets of ruby cocoa bean, red berries and subtle milky undertones. In a composition, this delicious blend of notes has both a freshness and a creamy core that blend with warm gourmand notes to create a caressing yet addictive sensation.

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Cast your spell and leave him intoxicated…. Entranced by you, his seductress, he’ll do anything you desire.

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