NovAge Ecollagen

Unlock beautifully smooth, radiant, healthy-looking skin - from day one - with NovAge Ecollagen Wrinkle Power, advanced anti-wrinkle skin care powered by our own patented Tri-Peptide Technology together with Low Weight Hyaluronic Acid. Ecollagen Wrinkle Power acts on multiple levels to boost collagen, enhance the appearance of skin health and hydration and protect against aggressors. Ecollagen Wrinkle Power reduces wrinkles with significant instant and long-term results - clinically proven.
NovAge - Ecollagen

Get Instant Wrinkle Reduction with Ecollagen Wrinkle Power

NovAge - Ecollagen

Your Questions About Ecollagen Answered

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Advanced multi-dimensional wrinkle reduction

Powered by our innovative patented Tri-Peptide Technology and Solanaceae Plant Stem Cell extract, Ecollagen restores and protects the skin’s collagen to re-plump wrinkles from within. You’ll see and feel the difference – Ecollagen dramatically reduces wrinkles by up to 33%†2 and enhances skin texture and tone for a complexion that’s softer, smoother and significantly fresher looking.

†2 Clinically tested on 31 women over 12 weeks