Event of the Year - Beauty-Battle: for the First Time in Russia

Oriflame launches beauty battle - superproject in the field of fashion and beauty. The winner will get star contract and crazy popularity!

Various kind of battles become more and more popular in Russia. Lately we have seen so many of them on TV and on the Internet: everybody from chefs to psychics compete for the best of the best. Oriflame as a fashion company not only follows trends, but creates them. That's why we were the first in Russia to introduce an entirely new format battle - a beauty battle! An exciting match starts on our website on February 15. Not only professionals but also all fans of cosmetics, makeup and contemporary style can participate. The winner, chosen by the competent jury, will be named the official make-up artist for Oriflame Russia.

We officially declare: everyone can take part in the competition and become an official makeup artist for Oriflame. The winner gets a two-million contract and crazy popularity! Get involved - this is your chance!

The contest will consist of three stages. In the first stage we will select from all works submitted for the contest five semifinalists. In the second stage, they will meet in beauty battle with five beauty bloggers. At the last stage, the winner will be named out of the five finalists. The most complete information you can find here (LINK TO CAMPAIN SITE). And yet - meet our beauty bloggers!


Cheerful and sociable. Together with her husband and daughter Anna lives in New Zealand and on their channel on YouTube she shares the secrets of beauty, creates the images of celebrities, gives useful tips to moms. Her videos are always energizing and positive.

At first blog was for Elena enjoyable hobby, but eventually turned into a serious business. After moving to Norway, she created her own video channel, which tells the story of cosmetics, clothes, lifestyle and style. Helena’s easy and relaxed manner of communication attracts new fans.


This beauty-expert Veronica tests a lot of new products for more than four years, and tells about her impressions on her channel on Youtube. Natural and bright, she is attracting more and more fans to her blog. 

Makeup artist by vocation, Victoria is one of the first to create a blog with makeup video tutorials. Victoria pays special attention to detail: the design of eyebrows, emphasizing the cheekbones and perfect arrows. Her posts just radiates good mood!

Thanks to her impressive and unusual look Nastya became famous all over the world. She boldly experimenting with her looks, perfectly copying the style of celebs regardless of their gender. One of these transformations was watched by over than 6.5 million users!

An anchorman for the beauty battle  - is a young and talented MTV’s VJ Igor Lantratov, known for for starring in the successful youth drama "Angelica".
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Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame