Beauty-Battle: Meet The Winner

On June 13 in Moscow at the Crocus City Hall the final of a grand fashion event of the summer took place - Oriflame Beauty-battle final. Meet the winner: Alena Tereshchenko from Khakassia.

Makeup artist career has started for Alena at the age of 17. She studied at the Russian and foreign masters, worked with leading model agencies, conducted an impressive number of shootings, including ones for international journals, took part in regional projects, created the wedding images. Alena has experience in leading makeup master classes, and also has the title of "Best makeup artist of Siberia - 2014".

How did you get your passion for make-up and how did you become a professional make-up artist?

I am a teacher of primary school, and family child psychologist. In my group were 2 boys and 30 girls. What we do at breaks? Of course, wove braids each other! I loved it and it turned out very well - so that one day my friend asked her to prepare for the wedding. I made her a wedding hairstyle, photographed and posted on the Internet. So I began to work with brides.

One of my clients invited me to do hair and make-up at the same time - it was a turning point in my enthusiasm. The idea was inspiring by, and I took a basic course of a makeup.

Brides were my main clients, but now I could create a whole image – both hair and makeup.

After studying at the institute, I continued to develop myself as a makeup artist work a lot. I am inspired by one of the world's leading makeup artists Felix Stein - under his influence, I became more involved in art projects.

Alena Tereshchenko drew the attention of the jury at the outset of the contest by sending a video in which transform into a spectacular image of the heroine Mila Kunis from the film "Jupiter Ascending". Having successfully passed the qualifying round, in the second stage it created a bright and memorable image of the Witch from a fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz", which has provided her passage to the final. And in the final image is created by it on the decision of the jury and the results of spectator SMS voting was considered the best. As a result, Allen won the Beauty battle, and become the holder of the star contract of Oriflame official make-up artist.

What are your expectations from the new contract? What creative plans would you like to implement?

I chose this job in the first place because I like it a lot. Of course, for me it is a challenge, due to Oriflame and I had a great opportunity to learn, grow and move on.

What do you like most about makeup?

I like creative experiments and the opportunity to sample a usual makeup in a new role. And of course, I myself love to experiment with their looks, change images and try new things. For me it is important to be unequal every day.

”Alena has a unique artistic taste and sense of color. She owns various techniques of make-up and is able to create works of art using aeromakeup and body art.”

Alena has a unique artistic taste and sense of color. She owns various techniques of make-up and is able to create works of art using aeromakeup and body art.

What does it mean to you in the context of the beauty of makeup? How do you relate to these concepts?

What does a pretty face mean? By anatomical canons it is primarily must be symmetrical. Make-up - it's just still a little opportunity to adjust features, and this should be approached wisely. Makeup made without considering the individual characteristics of a person, spoils the appearance. I consider pointless and unnecessary any, even the most fashionable and unusual make-up, if it does not fulfill its main function.

For me the ideal base for each day is a well-groomed clean skin, groomed eyelashes and eyebrows neatly decorated. For the girl it is important to look natural, but well maintained.

Make-up - is part of the way, so I do not consider it in isolation from the rest. It is in the form plays an important role and has its particular function.

What would you wish our readers?

I did not fully believe in my victory. And it really sounds like a miracle - I came from a small town, and with the help of Oriflame got an incredible opportunity to grow and develop. I would like to wish everyone a first aspiration. It is necessary not just to dream and believe in yourself, you need to move to that dream and make it a reality best.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame